CPG – Retail Distribution

Top retailers know that getting products to market rapidly is of paramount importance in an increasingly competitive world.  CPG companies that efficiently manage their supply chain will earn the trust and business of their customers. The others may end up becoming also-rans.

First Logistics is your solution partner for all types of retail fulfillment. By warehousing with us, you pay only for the space and services you need, which means you can manage your volume surges in a cost appropriate way.

We thoroughly understand the complex compliance requirements of major retail chains and provide a seamless and integrated solution, including EDI, Advance Ship Notices (ASN’s), kitting, specialty labeling, final packaging, routing guide compliance and freight management rules. We protect your company with chargeback avoidance measures aimed at proving compliance.

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Food Warehousing & Logistics

Food Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing of food items requires the highest level of safety, security and sanitation. All available measures must be taken against food damage, contamination, and odor transfer.

At First Logistics, our food-grade warehouse undergoes annual, rigorous, independent inspection by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and passed with flying colors, recently earning a rating of 980 out of 1,000 for our food safety program. We’ve led the way with a Food Grade Superior Rating for the past seven years, with an average score of 970 over the past three years.

When you choose us for your food grade warehousing needs, you can count on stellar customer solutions that offers 600,000 square feet, AIB inspected food grade warehouse space and the assurance that we exceed all sanitation requirements.

We do whatever it takes to ensure your food products are kept at their freshest through the entire process. We are the choice for food safety, security and sanitation.

Equipment Aftermarket and Parts

Our comprehensive aftermarket parts warehousing solutions are designed around one goal: to help you improve the speed and reliability of your aftermarket service. We’re here to put you in the fast lane in servicing your clients equipment.

Through integrated systems including picking and packing, inspection and quality control, and cross-docking, we deliver supply chain efficiencies, delivering real competitive advantage to your business.

From specialty tires and parts to replacement parts for light equipment, we bring you proven ideas that drive down costs every step of the way.


Paper and Forestry Products

First Logistics works with companies within the paper and forest products industry to streamline their supply chain from mill to end customer.

We specialize in the management and storage of forestry products that range from rolled paper to label stock, newsprint, carton stock and recycled grades.

With more than 1,000 feet of newly improved rail sidings and modern rail doors installed, First Logistics can answer the call for high volume rail serviced operation. We currently handle nearly 100 rail cars per month, and that’s not even half of our capacity! Our roll clamp equipment is capable of handling diameters of up to 72 inches and weights of up to 10,000 pounds.