Public Warehousing

Today’s fast pace and complex fulfillment needs demand that you react rapidly to evolving supply chain needs. You need “turn on a dime” flexibility during seasonal sales spikes. And you must have the ability to speedily respond to fluctuating and unpredictable demands.

First Logistics public warehousing offers you a flexible warehousing solution. The concept is simple – a unit in/unit out rate structure with a straightforward monthly storage rate. You can opt to pay by pallet, ton, case, pound, piece, or any other unit of measure that makes sense for your business.

Since you share labor and operating expenses with other customers, public warehousing is an affordable solution that can significantly lower costs.

Should your organization consider public warehousing? The answer is “yes” if you have:

  • Fluctuating space requirements
  • Surging seasonal demands
  • Overflow of products in your current designated warehouse space
  • Multiple distribution point needs
  • New market entry for a product launch
Public Warehousing Alsip Illinois
Contract Warehousing Alsip Illinois

Contract Warehousing

Your business is growing by leaps and bounds and now you need additional warehousing capabilities. When warehousing needs are more long-term and predictable, contract warehousing ensures that you receive guaranteed space whenever you want it at a reliable cost for the amount of time you specify. Dedicated services and specially-chosen resources are precisely designed to meet your needs.

First Logistics will perform the warehousing functions for you. Your contract warehousing agreement provides you with a one-stop integrated logistics solution that can be combined with cross docking, kitting, pick & pack, material handling services, and even freight brokerage. As a result, you can focus more fully on the strategic side of business development and at the same time, save substantially on operating costs.

If your products require special care, your volumes are predictable, your customers require system functionality that you don’t offer, or if your labor agreements discourage adding company head count, contract warehousing may be a smart choice for you.

Should your organization consider contract warehousing? The answer is “yes” if you have:

  • Multiple locations that you wish to centralize to make your business more efficient
  • A new client base that is emerging in another region from your headquarters
  • The need to scale-up or scale-down on an as-needed basis as the situation demands

Subscription Boxes

The old maxim is true: you don’t get a second opportunity to create a good first impression. Your customers’ initial opinions of your brand will be driven, in large part, by the appearance of the package upon delivery and the presentation of your product when the package its opened.

Subscription boxes, which require accurate, precise and seamless assembly, are our specialty. We can oversee the procurement and printing of the box and marketing materials as well as pack and mail the monthly parcels. Additionally, we can provide substantial savings by giving your company access to our significant parcel discount programs, and even manage zone skipping and freight consolidation for marked savings.

Consider all the ways First Logistics services can be an asset to your business fulfillment operations:

  • Ample space – clean, organized warehouses that are food certified and FDA registered.
  • Skilled kitting and assembly employees who are totally committed to assembly accuracy
  • On-time shipping – either same day or next day.
  • Customized packing slip that can include your company logo, website, and customer service information.
  • Product transportation – the quickest, most affordable freight options to move your products from your suppliers to our fulfillment warehouse.
Subscription Boxes
Warehouse Real Estate for Sale

Real Estate

Location, location, location.  Those are the three most essential factors for supply chain management and distribution success.  The biggest hurdle for companies, though, is the enormous outlay of capital and the lack of internal design-and-engineering expertise. That’s where First Logistics comes in.


There is much more to warehousing leasing than negotiating the right amount of square footage at the best price. You need to ask yourself: is the location near a hub so that we can quickly ship directly to customers? Is it configured to get your products from racks to trucks and back? Is there temperature control for perishable items?

First Logistics can carve out any amount of space, structured as a basic lease and based on a per square foot rental. We work with each customer individually to determine the best warehouse space for the business’ special needs.

Warehouse Leasing
Build to Suit Warehouse Logistics


First Logistic will perform a rigorous analysis to identify the optimal location of your warehouse, taking into account such factors as transportation costs and distribution requirements.

Based on strong and trusted relationships with real estate experts, lenders, construction specialists, and engineers, we will build the customized warehouse that suits your needs. In addition, we will engage with local and federal agencies to secure financial incentives. Our leasing options do not require a huge cash outlay, which frees up capital assets that you can invest in other strategic business initiatives.

You can simply lease space. Or, you could combine a leased space arrangement with a handling agreement; you pay the rent and First Logistics takes care of all your handling and inventory management needs. Whatever you choose, First Logistics will identify a flexible and cost-appropriate solution to preserve your assets and save you money.


Through our many years of real estate warehousing experience, we have learned which properties work best for our customers. Our convert-to-suit option leverages three of our core competencies: our knowledge of buildings and markets, our great familiarity with construction, and our insights into what you need to convert an existing building into a finely-honed specialized operation.

When compared to build-to-suit or traditional warehousing alternatives, building coolers, assembly rooms, packaging lines and more and converting them to fulfill your unique and specialized requirements offers savings efficiencies.

Logistics Warehouse Real Estate Convert-to-Suit
First Logistics Packs Products for You


Packaging is so much more than placing products in a box and hoping that it reaches its destination on time and undamaged.

In truth, the packaging process is heavily regulated and must meet strict federal guidelines. Many products – particularly food grade items and consumer goods – must be kept at an ideal temperature to ensure that the items arrive fresh.  High levels of cleanliness are vital to avoid contamination from outside sources.

First Logistics lets you take advantage of a top-rate staff that is highly experienced at managing high capacity orders and a streamlined process that slashes your equipment and labor costs. The result is you get your products to market faster while, at the same time, meeting industry standards.


Warehouse kitting is the process of combining several SKUs into a single SKU that can be packaged and shipped quickly. First Logistics consistently builds complex kits that are comprised of up to 20 different products, a real boon to retailers and multi-level marketers. As a result, you can count on our significant warehousing kitting experience to:

  • Save money: Through pre-assembly of kits, you can ensure the most efficient use of labor, with built-in quality checks to ensure accuracy.
  • Manage volume spikes and last minute requests: We pre-assemble 90% of the base kit so when the need rises, we can get the kit out the door fast.

You can count on First Logistics to help you swiftly and economically meet the demand for brand-building custom packs.

First Logistics Kitting Services
First Logistics LLC Pick N Pack Services

Pick & Pack

As a key component of our standard services, we can pick and pack individual items into multi-pack cartons. This process of managing open case inventories requires hands-on experience, and First Logistics has long been a leader.

Our pick and pack expertise dates back to the mid 1990s when we launched the first large scale pick and pack operation in the Chicago area focused on Internet fulfillment. We quickly demonstrated our ability to pick hundreds of multi-part orders for rapid next-day delivery. Some of our biggest accounts went on to become household names.

Today First Logistics offers you a wide range of options that can be customized to any market. Whether you are producing infomercials or selling online, we can seamlessly manage the data, billing, and fulfillment to meet your needs.

In addition, we streamline transportation, ensuring undamaged delivery while simultaneously lowering costs and minimizing packaging materials.

Display Fulfillment

Retail POP displays and accessories for multiple store locations can tax the existing space of even the largest companies. With more than 500,000 square feet of storage space, First Logistics can easily handle your largest displays, even for national rollout. We are experts at assembling, collating and shrink-wrapping even intricate POP displays.

And, our fulfillment capabilities are second to none. We understand that potential sales revenue is lost if your POP materials or brand promotional products do not reach your store locations on schedule. Count on us to make it happen. We are strategically located at America’s crossroads so that stores receive your displays quickly, no matter where they are located.

First Logistics LLC Display Fulfillment
Illinois Freight Brokerage

Freight Brokerage

First Logistics is committed to being your one-stop customer development solutions company. Our value-added freight brokerage service delivers your freight shipments to and from your entire supply chain – manufacturers, distributors and retailers – with full origin-to-destination transparency and trained staff for special handling.

Our expanding solutions, culled by years of best practice experience, are designed to lower your transportation costs and reduce cycle. Our network of approved carriers will ensure your products are delivered on time and in budget.